Weich und fluffig

Mit diesem kleinen fluffigen Kerlchen arbeite ich seit 2 Wochen und er ist so eine Freude. Kann leicht in den Present Moment; das Hier und Jetzt einsteigen und entspannt sich mehr und mehr. Er lebt in einer wunderbaren Familie und… Continue Reading

Let´s get digital

If you live far away from where I am or if other things hold us back from meeting in person, like the actual situation with the world wide pandemic, we can still meet in a Skype Session! It is super… Continue Reading

About Leadership

If you want to be with horses, you have to be the Leader. The Boss. Show who is Alpha. Yeah. I came across this messages again and again und just recently found that advice from a horseman I know and… Continue Reading

I have a dream day Vienna

This was a very special weekend; I was finally able to meet Shelley and James, my teachers of the Trust Technique Practitioner Course in person at the „I have a dream day “ in Vienna at Tier Quartier and a… Continue Reading