Missing you

Where are you snow? We miss you! Zaka has an hot spanish heart but really likes that weird white stuff that comes from above… Last Winter’s memories. // Schnee, wann kommst du? Wir vermissen dich! Zaka hat ein spanisches Herz… Continue Reading

May I join you?

Hellooooo! Can I do what you are doing? Zaka is the most curious thing on earth and always wants to get involved when something is happening… A few days ago she tried to climb up a ladder that our barn… Continue Reading

Welcome to the real world

Welcome to the real world of naturalhorsekeeping in winter. It’s muddy it’s dirty and I like it…😃 Only grocery shopping afterwards is a little awkward. // Wilkommen in der Wirklichkeit! So sieht natürliche Pferdehaltung im Winter aus. Es ist matschig,… Continue Reading

Go get it

I played with Zaka „go get it“ a couple of times with a dog toy. Today she offered it herself by bringing her bucket. So cute! And wonderful to see: She understood the concept of fetching things and applied that… Continue Reading


Little extra treat for the horses: Hazelnut branches. They love them and they eat them completely. // Ein kleines extra Leckerchen für die Pferde: Haselnusszweige. Sie werden geliebt und komplett gefressen. Wir verteilen sie oft auf dem Trail, so haben… Continue Reading