My phone refused to work any further today and just died in the snowstorm. Zaka on the other hand waited for a little signal to dance around. We ended up with the first canter on a circle at liberty with… Continue Reading

Missing you

Where are you snow? We miss you! Zaka has an hot spanish heart but really likes that weird white stuff that comes from above… Last Winter’s memories. // Schnee, wann kommst du? Wir vermissen dich! Zaka hat ein spanisches Herz… Continue Reading

May I join you?

Hellooooo! Can I do what you are doing? Zaka is the most curious thing on earth and always wants to get involved when something is happening… A few days ago she tried to climb up a ladder that our barn… Continue Reading

They are coming…

The Aliens from planet equus! To eat up alllll the hay! The horses are very sceptical to my little game here… // Sie sind da! Die Außerirdischen vom Planet Equus! Um all das Heu aufzufressen! Die Pferde beäugen mein kleines… Continue Reading

Welcome to the real world

Welcome to the real world of naturalhorsekeeping in winter. It’s muddy it’s dirty and I like it…😃 Only grocery shopping afterwards is a little awkward. // Wilkommen in der Wirklichkeit! So sieht natürliche Pferdehaltung im Winter aus. Es ist matschig,… Continue Reading

Wonderful fall

We are finally able to go on little walks. It took us a long time to be both relaxed on this, we started with really short trips. But now we are in tune, she follows me in my concentration. Since… Continue Reading