We moved

Happy day! We moved!🎉😊 With help of two girls from our 5-girl-stable-crew, Zaka and me did our first short walk. She was very excited but finally parked nicely for me to get on and understood when I shifted my weight… Continue Reading

Get on stay on

Yesterday my friend J. and me went to see a huge saddle-shop to check out some saddles because we both have the youngsters in our herd and no saddle yet. So we drove down to one of the beautiful lakes… Continue Reading

I love it up here

Why do we enjoy this so much? Have humans tamed horses thousands of years ago just for the use of them or were they as fascinated as we are today of being carried by another creature? Is this even a… Continue Reading

Trust // Vertrauen

What I have learned from my beautiful horse today: Trust is not transferable. And not negotiable. Prove it. Every day. // Heute habe ich von meinem wunderschönen Pferd gelernt: Vertrauen ist nicht übertragbar. Und nicht verhandelbar. Beweise es. Jeden Tag.