Du bist mein Weg. Immer noch

Wow…dachte ich vor ein paar Tagen…! Wow! Was für ein kurviger, langer, steiniger und auch wunderschöner, erhellender und funkensprühender Weg liegt schon hinter uns, hinter mir mit meinem Pferdchen.Niemals hätte ich gedacht, dass mein Wunsch mit ihr doch so genau… Continue Reading

Dentist Appointment

Girls at work! I love it! This is what our dentist appointment today looked like: Relaxed horse with two skilled women working the teeth. Girls I am sooooo happy, you absolutely made my day! Thank you for this date, I… Continue Reading

Getting ready for the dentist

Dentist appointment on Friday, little girl does very well. We’ll see how that works if we play with the real tools. But brushing the teeth we can do for sure now… We will use no sedation because I want to… Continue Reading

About friendship

It´s been two years now since Zaka came to our family and slowly I think we have a real connection with each other. Today she enjoyed being scratched all over for sooo long, it was just lovely to see and… Continue Reading