Missing you

Where are you snow? We miss you! Zaka has an hot spanish heart but really likes that weird white stuff that comes from above… Last Winter’s memories. // Schnee, wann kommst du? Wir vermissen dich! Zaka hat ein spanisches Herz… Continue Reading

I love it up here

Why do we enjoy this so much? Have humans tamed horses thousands of years ago just for the use of them or were they as fascinated as we are today of being carried by another creature? Is this even a… Continue Reading

Up here

Zaka loves this new weired trick where a human climbes on top… She says: „Well as long as you keep this little carrots going I like it!“ // Zaka liebt diese neue verrückte Kunststück, bei dem sich ein Mensch auf… Continue Reading

Chainsaw massacre

  The Boys were cutting trees 3 meters away from us and Zaka was yawning like she was about to go to sleep. We’ve had that the whole week and I used it in our Liberty Training. So when I… Continue Reading

Yeah! I did it!

Got on top of my brave horse for the first time. I still have that goofy smile on my face… It was a very beautiful day, sunny, warm and my feeling was just right. She was relaxed as well, so… Continue Reading

Wonderful fall

We are finally able to go on little walks. It took us a long time to be both relaxed on this, we started with really short trips. But now we are in tune, she follows me in my concentration. Since… Continue Reading

Go get it

I played with Zaka „go get it“ a couple of times with a dog toy. Today she offered it herself by bringing her bucket. So cute! And wonderful to see: She understood the concept of fetching things and applied that… Continue Reading

About learning

I was on vacation with my family the last three weeks, on the beautiful island of Elba, Italy. Luckily, I am a mother. My 3-year-old child once again taught me a basic lesson about life. About learning. About how children… Continue Reading